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Webinar: How to Win at Telecom

Customer advocacy and consulting to help you cut costs – without switching carriers

Telecom relationships can be confusing and seemingly rigged, leaving businesses feeling defeated and bullied. This interactive, in-depth session will equip you with the information you need to win – how to identify blind spots within your telecom infrastructure, take a step towards significant savings and potential money back, and better manage your carrier relationship.

Discussion led by Dean Rowen, President of ComAudit Services, Inc. Recorded 08/03/16.

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A Telecom Audit provides:

Billing Transparency

A Telecom Audit allows you to utilize our expertise and agnostic carrier relationships to help clear the otherwise murky waters of telecom billing. Through in-depth inventory analysis and examination of telecom invoices, this Audit will expose any billing errors, overcharges, and overpayments that eat at your hard-earned profits.

Better Control

  • Clean inventory for Voice, Data, and Mobility
  • Consolidate and clarify your billing
  • Pay only for what you use
  • Streamline carrier relationship and contract renewals
  • Secure most aggressive pricing plans available
  • Tackle challenges of moves and site closures

Cost Savings

We can consolidate telecom invoicing and reduce recurring charges. On average, our Telecom Audit can help reduce a company’s overall telecommunication costs by 10-20% - and we don’t get paid until you are able to realize those savings, or receive returned credits.

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